Print Media

Print Media Marketing is a physical form of advertising that uses physical printed media platforms such as newspaper, magazines, catalogs, pamphlets, etc. Despite the fact that print media has been overridden by digital media, but the existence is not lost. In order to reach a huge audience, advertisers are using mobile advertising, banner ads, social media ads, etc.

The collective efforts of sourcing, producing, and creative specialists are working smartly to deliver corporate communication and promotional fundaments in the time-efficient, reliable, and professional approach. Print Media is a combination of spectacular solutions, innovative ideas and we offer professional print media advertising.

print media

Though the Internet has gained so much popularity and has become the major source for worldwide information but even then at this era of time, Print Media plays a vital role in the visibility of a brand. The profound team of experts at Bliss Marcom transform content and graphics into a powerful show-stopper. This is an outstanding Marketing channel that builds huge clientele in the long run of your business. Our impactful work and efforts influence the audience to buy your product/service.

Print Media Advertising Agency in Noida

  • Printing collateral is the best source to keep up the brand name.
  • Be it business broadcasting or speaking with potential clients or business partners print media advertising helps in the growth of your business.
  • Be it creating, conceptualizing, printing, or executing, we hold excellence in everything and do it in a distinctive way.

Print Media Marketing Includes Affordable Advertising Methods

  • Newspaper :- The great source of information that is available everywhere, Newspapers offer a vast choice amongst its types, comprising regional, local, or national titles that spread information to the huge audience in comparison to other forms of information. It is published at the varied time as in the evening, morning, Sunday edition, or weekly as per the relevance of the information and probable audience. Newspapers offer knowledge of diverse areas that target different niches with the perfect amalgamation of content involving business, fashion, entertainment, sports, politics, and additionally business, local, world news, and national news is published. An Advertise can publish their brand by purchasing different dimensions of advertising space for their news to be published. The advertising space ranges from ads with text only small classified news section to display ads that feature illustrations, graphics, photographs and text that size up to either half page, full page or even the spread of double-page.
  • Posters :- Posters advertising gives a prospect to reach huge customers on the move. Posters at railway stations, busy town streets, shopping centers, or on airports gain importance and reach out to the huge number of potential audience. Placing posters in market areas or malls, help advertisers to reach customers, closer to the point of purchase. It is an easy way for advertisers to make the alteration in the message on posters at an occurrence of their choice.
  • Magazines :- The most preferred choice of readership offered by advertisers. Magazines cover the wide choice of interest, involving fashion, sports, entertainment, news, health, local topics, current affairs, and so much more. The business magazines are a great source of information for any professional as it provides great coverage regarding specific industries such as finance, marketing, or IT. The cross-industry topics like marketing, HR, sales, or communications, job-specific topics, such as engineers, executives, or professionals. The Magazines are usually published on the weekly, quarterly, or monthly basis. Just as newspapers, magazine advertisers can get the space for advertising in color or black and white, and ranging from full-page ads to classified ads.
  • Direct Mail :- To reach a small prospective audience or certain prospects, advertisers go with the direct mail. Direct mail often comes in the form of a flyer, letter, or brochure that is sent thru postal service. Advertisers at Bliss Marcom create and compile a list of prospective customers of their client for the mailing for higher sales of their clients’ business.
  • Print Media Selection :- Print Media Advertising services offered by profound advertisers at Bliss Marcom offers the great prospect to target different niche. The cost of advertising relies on the nature and circulation of the readership. The best advertising agency associates the cost of attaining their target audience with circulation figures and research of different niche from industry groups to individual media firms.
  • Press Conference :- This form of print media advertising advertises the event to varied news outlets. Proficient experts at Bliss Marcom organize the press conference to get the media attention in pre-conference and post-conference event. We provide the best possible and accessible location to organize conference events. We organize event meeting the budget requirement of the clients and satisfying best services at a nominal price. We take care that the conference event has a group of journalists from top-notch media houses and publications.
  • Press Release :- The oldest medium of information, Newspaper is the perfect partner of morning and evening tea, for almost every individual. The advertising through a newspaper of a business has three criteria- readers, distribution, and size. Our experts hold years of excellence in print media marketing that is effective for the brand recognition and success of a business. The varied ads such as classified ads, property ads, business ads, display ads, matrimonial, etc. The newspaper is a great source to target a huge number of audience at a moment of time and with the lowest possible investment. Advertisers at best Print Media Advertising Agency in Noida helps you convey the message of your brand and regarding your product or service to foster leads.

Proficient advertisers at Bliss Marcom make a convincing strategy that is suitably applied to all forms of brand communications. The unique promotional ideas by our experts’ aids to achieve a true potential that brand promises and should deliver. We excel in making your brand a great success that aids in delivering successful results for decades and even more. Our media advertising services help your brand to infuse whole organization. We at Bliss Marcom offer promising services at a nominal price that offers extraordinary results in the form of business leads.